Optec Sagitta Off-Axis Guider

Optec Sagitta Off-Axis Guider

Optec Alnitak XL-2 large flat-fielder

Optec Alnitak XL-2 large flat-fielder

Optec ThirdLynx Integrated focus Motors


ThirdLynx controllers are integrated directly into the motor endcap and provide USB connectivity to a control PC. 12VDC power is required and supplied with each motor. ThirdLynx functions similar to original FocusLynx with the same software drivers and controls


QuickSync motors include the integrated ThirdLynx control circuit dispensing with the need for an external control hub. A digital temperature sensor is integrated into the ThirdLynx control circuit for temperature compensated focusing. Connection to the observatory or telescope control computer can be made using any standard USB A-B cable. A separate 12VDC power connection provides sufficient power to vertically lift cameras or instrument packages exceeding 5 kg. Optec’s new ASCOM Alpaca driver and field-proven FocusLynx Commander software round out the package for complete remote telescope focusing solution.


Price Range: $525 to $525

19965 QuickSync TKX motor for Takahashi MEF dual-speed focusers. 

19967 DirectSync TKX35 motor for Takahashi FSQ-130ED with native dual-speed focuser. CALL

19968 QuickSync SVX20 for older Stellarvue 2-inch focusers. CALL

19970 QuickSync FTX20R motor for FeatherTouch 2-inch Rack-and-Pinion focusers. 

19771 QuickSync FTX20 motor for FeatherTouch 2-inch focusers. 

19772 QuickSync FTX30 motor for FeatherTouch 2.5, 2.7 and 3-inch focusers. 

19973 QuickSync FTX40 motor for FeatherTouch 3.5-inch focusers. 

19975 DirectSync ACF motor assembly for Meade ACF f/8 built-in dual-speed focuser. CALL

19976 DirectSync APX25 motor assembly for many Apochromat refractors. 

19978 DirectSync SVX30 motor for Stellarvue 2-1/2 and 3-inch focuser. 

19979 DirectSync TPO motor for Third-Planet Optics native focusers. 

19980 DirectSync SVX35 motor for Stellarvue 3-1/2-inch focuser. 

19982 DirectSync ESX25 motor for Explore Scientific 2.5-inch Hex focuser. 

19983 DirectSync ESX30 motor for Explore Scientific 2.5-inch Hex focuser. 

19987 DirectSync SWX25 motor for SkyWatcher Esprit 80mm telescope focuser. CALL

19988 DirectSync SWX30 motor for SkyWatcher Esprit 100/120/150mm telescope focusers. 

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