About Us

TolgaAsro LLC is a unique full service astrophtography  equipment supply company. We only sell what we use ourselves and recommend. When customers buy their equipment from us, we provide tech support when it's most needed. 

This is an industry first and only tech support when you need it most, under the stars. No other astronmy company provides this service in the world. We can help you with selecting the right equipment, learning how to use the equipment to doing the installation for you if you choose.  We are factory trained on Planewave and Software bisque mounts and very knowledgeable in others we carry. In many cases if a customer runs into a problem, we will remotely log in and fix the issue in minutes instead of waiting for the next day for manufacturer support. We are the only dealer factory certified to service and upgrades to Paramounts.  Give us a call and give us a try to experience the difference.

We work directly with the manufacturers with deliveries, installation schedules, integration of parts from different suppliers. In case of warranty issues, we work on your behalf to get things right. 

You will not get a pushy salesman instead a friend who honestly will tell you what will work or not work. There have been many times we turned customers down because the purchase they had decided on was a bad idea. It's better to keep a friend for life versus making a single sale and have the customer have a bad experience. 

We recently introduced installation services. We will come to your location anywhere in the US and do a complete installation if you choose to hire us. 

Image processing tutorials are also available by our highly qualified instructors on an hourly basis. 

Sample images

Pacman Nebula






Heart Nebula


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