Optec ThirdLynx Integrated focus Motors

Optec ThirdLynx Integrated focus Motors

Optec Alnitak XL-2 large flat-fielder


For today's millimagnitude exoplanet photometry, or for the extensive stretching that is being done with aesthetic astronomical imaging, image flatness is of utmost importance. Generating good flats has been a challenge until now.

The Flat-Man XL is completely controllable from a USB interface using our Windows controller software and is also compatible with CCDAutopilot


Price Range: $1,695 to $2,895

Alnitak Flat-Man XL Flat Fielder

The Flat-Man XL is our stationary observatory model electroluminescent panel that will accommodate telescopes up to 30" in diameter. This product is revolutionizing the way flats are acquired at observatories around the world. They are used by both professionals and amateurs on several continents.

For the serious observer with large observatory mounted telescopes, there is now a way to guarantee excellent flats on demand. Our testing shows that the Flat-Man XL provides an exceptionally evenly illuminated field when imaged by a camera mounted to a telescope focused at infinity.


Product Specifications:
  • Electroluminescent Lamp Type:    Split-Electrode with external inverter,
  • Lamp Frame Dimensions:    Nominal lamps size plus 3-inches (see below),
  • Frame Material:    1"x1" square aluminum extrusion, anodized,
  • Diffuser Material:    Plexiglas Type 2447 material,
  • Fully Illuminated Lamp Dimensions:    Nominal size squared (see below),
  • Control Box Dimensions:    2.0" x 2.25" x 4.2" (50 x 57 x 106mm)
  • Control Box Weight: 6 oz.  (0.15 kg)
  • Power requirements: 110/220VAC for inverter, 5VDC for control (via USB),
  • Cables:    10-ft. Lamp Cable, 2-ft. Feedback and Control cable, 5m USB cable,
  • Mounting Holes:  One top center and five along left and right sides,
  • Mounting Options:  VESA mounting kits and tripod mounts optionally available,
  • Alnitak Software Compatiblity:  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.
  • Command Line Program:  AACmd.exe
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