0.72x Quad Telecompressor Corrector

0.72x Quad Telecompressor Corrector

Astro-Physics 10 x 60 Vario-Finder with Quick Release Guider Bracket Kit

Astro-Physics 10 x 60 Vario-Finder with Quick Release Guider Bracket Kit

ASTRO-PHYSICS 1600GTO German Equatorial Mount Starting at


1600GTO - What's Included? Polar Fork / Right Ascension Axis (R.A.) Assembly Declination Axis (Dec.) Assembly GTO Servo Control Box (GTOCP4)

23" Stainless Counterweight Shaft, 1.875" diameter (M12601-E) and Safety Stop (M12676) R.A. / Dec.

Y-cable Power Cable Set for GTOCP4, includes 6' Cable with PowerPole Connector, 18" Cable with Cigarette Lighter Plug and 18" Cable with Ring Terminals (CABPP4SET) 15' Straight-through Serial Cable (CABSER15)

Allenhead wrench set

CD containing: PEMPro v2 Software and PulseGuide Software, both written by Ray Gralak of Sirius Imaging.

Also, PDF of 1600GTO and GTO Keypad instruction manuals Manual:1600GTO German Equatorial Manual: GTOCP4 Servo Motor Drive System

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1600GTO is no longer available for immediate purchase. Contact us to be on the waiting list.

Price Range: $14,900 to $21,020

Construction All CNC machined aluminum bar stock, stainless steel, brass; stainless steel fasteners

Finishing and Assembly Every part is hand-finished and inspected. All assembly is done by hand, by highly skilled mount assembly staff.

Worm wheel - R.A. & Dec. 10.3" (262 mm), 225 tooth aluminum

Worm gear - R.A. & Dec. 1.22" (31 mm) diameter special low-wear alloy

Axis shaft - R.A. & Dec. 3.74" (95 mm) diameter Shaft axis bearings - R.A. & Dec. 5.71" (145 mm) diameter

Latitude range 0 to 78 degrees Azimuth adjustment Approximately 13 degrees (+/- 6.5 degrees from center)

Counterweight shaft 1.875" (47.6 mm) diameter x 22" (559 mm) useable length, incl. large machined safety stop knob.

Optional 8.675" (220 mm) shaft extension available.

Weight of mount Total: 123.9 lb. (56.2 kg) R.A. axis/polar fork: 63.7 lb. (28.9 kg) Dec. axis: 40.0 lb. (18.1 kg) Dec. top plate 3.0 lb. (1.4 kg) Counterweight shaft: 17.2 lb. (7.8 kg)

Capacity Approximately 220 lb. (100 kg) of scope and accessories, depending on length.

Recommended for refractors up to 250 mm, 18-20" Cassegrains, Ritchey-Chretiens and CDKs.

These are only guidelines. Some telescopes are very long for their weight or heavy for their size and will require a larger mount. Remember also that imaging requirements are more rigid than visual observation. Maximum capacity may require the use of the 9" extension (M12675)

Instrument mounting interface Refer to list of suitable mounting plates below

Pier adapter base diameter 9.775" (248.3 mm) Base. The base is an integral part of the mount and azimuth adjuster.

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