ZWO ASI174mini

ZWO ASI174mini

Astro-Physics 10 x 60 Vario-Finder with Quick Release Guider Bracket Kit

The Astro-Physics designed Guider Bracket greatly expands the versatility and functionality of the Baader 10 x 60 Vario-Finder Scope. By removing the Finder Scope’s 45° prism and reticle-eyepiece and substituting T-2 extension tubes, the finder transforms into a straight-through guidescope. This unique Guider Bracket provides the robust, flexure-free structure to hold even the heaviest guide cameras. Whether you use a feather-light camera, such as the SBIG ST-i, QHY5L-II and Starlight Xpress Lodestar, or a heavy-weight, such as the SBIG SG-4, this Guider Bracket will help you master autoguiding.

Price Range: $775 to $823

Important note: Purchasing this Vario-Finder Guider Kit also includes the 45° prism and reticle-eyepiece which allows you to use the guider as a finder! All that is needed is to remove the rear ring of the guider bracket (a single screw secures it) when making the switch.

Vario-Finder and Guider Bracket Kit includes:

10 x 60 Baader Vario-Finder, includes the Finder's 45° erecting prism and reticle eyepiece for use as a finder.

10 x 60 Quick Release Guider Bracket (S1060QRGB)

Base for Quick Release Guider Bracket (QRBASEG)

T-2 Extension Tubes - 40 mm (BP25B) and 15 mm (BP25A)

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