Takahashi TOA-150B - 6" f/7.3 Double ED APO Triplet Refractor with 4" Focuser TOK15110


Takahashi TOA-150 (OTA) tube only, with 50.8mm and 31.75mm adapters

Item number : [TOK15010]
Retractable dewshield, 4" rack-and-pinion focuser et CAA

Delivered with :
  • [TKP30200] - Camera Angle Adjuster
  • [TKA27430] - Balancing cradle

Price Range: $15,070 to $16,390

Optical design Triplet Ortho Apochromatique
Optical mounting Air spaced
Glass types SD/ED
Optical coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Aperture 150mm
Resolution 0.77"
Visual limiting magnitude 12.7
Light grasp 459x
Focal length 1100mm
Focal ratio F/7.3
With TOA-FL35 flattener
Focal length 1080mm
Focal ratio F/7.2
Image circle 40mm
With TOA-FL67 flattener
Focal length 1090mm
Focal ratio F/7.3
Image circle 90mm (60% non-vignetted)
With TOA-RD reducer
Focal length 860mm
Focal ratio F/5.7
Image circle 50mm (60% non-vignetted)
With Extender-TOA 1.6
Focal length 1760mm
Focal ratio F/11.7
Image circle 40mm

Mecanical specifications


***Retractable dew-shield
Rack-and-pinion focuser diameter 101.6mm
Tube length (mini/maxi) 1100mm-1290mm (with standard accessories)***
Tube diameter 179mm
Tube weight 14.6 kg (balancing couterweight cradle : 4.8 kg)

The objective of TOA-150 (D=150mm, F=1100mm, F/D 7,3) is an air-spaced triplet of which two of the lenses consist of ED glass with very weak chromatic dispersion. Its optical design, that has gone through many years of R&D experiences, is a state-of-the-art. Due to its fast focal ratio, Takahashi engineers had to optimize the space between the lenses in order to minimize chromatic and geometric aberrations. The objective is assembled in a precise mechanical barrel, entirely adjustable. Collimation is easy to realize and makes it possible to adapt perfectly optical requirements to the conditions of observation or imaging. The tube has a retractable dew shield.

As on the TOA-130F, the rack-and-pinion focuser has been reinforced and oversized, first to take completely advantage of the field of full light (90mm with the #67 field corrector !), to ensure a perfect rigidity of all the assemblies attached at prime focus and also to balance the tube, taking into account the very important weight of the objective. A balancing cradle, equipped with a handle, has been added to fulfill this function. The focuser is equipped with a camera angle adjuster for photo framing. The focuser can be equipped, in option, with a microreducer.

The range of accessories for TOA-150 refractor is extremely large, for both optical (field flatteners, reducers or multipliers of focal length) or mechanical (extension tubes, photo adapters, etc…) purposes. No matter what end-users needs are, visual or photographic, this large range of accessories will satisfy them. Please refer to system-charts for 

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