Starlight Express Oculus all-sky camera

Starlight Express Oculus all-sky camera

Starlight Xpress Midi USB Filter Wheels

MIDI Filter Wheel The MIDI filter wheel with off-axis guide prism, is a compact solution for mobile setups, or where the lightest possible wheel and guider are required. The wheel is USB controlled and powered, with either 7 or 5 filter positions, depending on the size of the filters, and the OAG is pre-set to be close to par-focal with most SX cameras. The Lodestar X2 or UltraStar guide cameras are an ideal match to the OAG pick-off tube.

Price Range: $610 to $610

Several carousel options are available, as follows:

1) 7 x 1.25" round filters.

2) 7 x 36mm round unmounted filters.

3) 5 x 2" (48mm threaded) filters.

4) 5 x 50.8mm round unmounted filters.

Unmounted filters may be up to 5mm thick.


Input and output adaptors:

The standard output adaptor ring is a male T-thread (M42 x 0.75mm) threaded version, intended for coupling to an TRIUS PRO series camera such as teh PRO-694 or PRO-814, but alternatives are also available. On the input side (telescope) there is a female T-thread (M42 x 0.75mm) adapter and an alternative female 48mm is also supplied with the MIDI filter wheel.

The MIDI filter wheel uses the same control protocol as the smaller SX wheel and has both USB and serial inputs. The entire electronic assembly is USB powered and does not need an external power supply. (the serial input does require a small PP3 style battery, if this is used).

Overall dimensions:

Diameter: 190mm (7.5 inches)

Thickness between input and output adaptors: 37mm (1.46 inches)

Weight: 0.8kg (2 pounds)

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