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AAG CloudWatcher cloud detector

ScopeDome 3M observatory dome



The ScopeDome 3M v.3.0 is the newest version of the time-proven ScopeDome 3M observatory dome. With its highly competive pricing it is most definitly the best selling 3M observatory dome, worldwide.


Ordering options range from "just" the dome, to fully automated versions that leave nothing to wish for. The ScopeDome 3M observation dome is running so smoothly that it can be rotated using a single  finger. The shutter can also be operated by hand.


The automated versions feature 100% ASCOM compliance, full remote capability, dome sync, proprietary software,  power management, plug & play wiring system, high torque 220V AC motors for shutter and rotation. 

A highly advanced DSP control system connect to any possible equatorial and alt/az mount.

Price includes estimated shipping. Please ask for an actual quote for this product.

Price Range: $21,878 to $24,393

-- diameter of the dome: 3000 mm


-- shutter width: 1000 mm


-- dome height: 2400 mm


-- diameter of the base: 2760 mm


-- weight (with pallet): ~350 kg


-- for telescopes up to 16 inch, equatorial;


Access door is optional. Can be either left or right oriented, or on demand: installed in the west or east shell panel.

A highly advanced DSP control system connect to any possible equatorial and alt/az mount.


The most important improvements are:

-- door in the dome side panel

-- completely redesigned new shutter and dome drive system

-- the new shutter power system allows  an 360 degree "open and close" capabiltiy

-- beyond-zenith view, no vignetting

-- improved aesthetics and a new color scheme of the dome

-- color schemes for all RAL colors (except metalics)

All domes are "first-time" assembled and tested in our factory and then dismantled and carefully prepared for worldwide shipment.
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