RainBow Astro RST-150H Polar alignment part upgrade kit

RainBow Astro RST-150H Polar alignment part upgrade kit

Rainbow Astro RST-135E MNT000900

Rainbow Astro RST-135E MNT000900

RainBow Astro RST-300


Counterweights Not Required

Only 8.5kg weight Capacity 30kg (max 50kg with optional counterweight)

Strain Wave Gear (Harmonic Drive)

Built-in brake (RA Axis)

5-years warranty

Included Items

RST-300 mount

Hand controller (Hubo-i SE)

Cable for hand controller

USB cable

Power cable (Alligator)(5.5×2.1 DC Jack)

AC-DC power adapter

Adapter for PoleMaster

Soft case 5mm Hex Wrench


Price Range: $8,490 to $12,290

the RST-300. As the name suggests, the load capacity is 30 kg. If you use the weight, it can be loaded up to 50kg. The RST-300 features a brake system built into the RA axis. This is to prevent the back drive from rotating in the direction of gravity when the power is turned off.


Mount type Dual mount – German Equatorial, Alt-Azimuth
Reducer Strain wave gear (Harmonic Drive)
Load Capacity 30kg(without counterweights), 50kg(with counterweights)
Recommend Telescope 12inch Reflector, 7inch Refractor
(without counterweights)
Weight 8.5kg
Volume 18.3 x 17.5 x 27.9 cm
Material Aluminum alloy AL6061, Steel, Brass
Surface coating Anodizing
Reducer size(RA) Model No. 25 (Based on HDS)
Reducer size(DEC) Model No. 25 (Based on HDS)
Motor Swiss made Maxon DC Servo Motor
Latitude range 0 to 90 degrees


Max Slew Rate 1,200x (5deg/sec) – 16V DC
Input Power DC 12V ~ 16V
Power Consumption(Tracking, 12V) 0.4A
Power Consumption (Slew, 12V) 4.0A
PC Connection ASCOM Driver
GPS Built-in (Hand Controller)
WiFi Built-in (Hand Controller)
Home Sensor Built-in
Brake Built-in RA axis – Prevent backdrive
High voltage, reverse polarity input prevention Built-in

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