Rainbow Astro RSF Secondary focuser for GSO RCs. (includes TPO, AstroTech or similar)

Rainbow Astro RSF Secondary focuser for GSO RCs. (includes TPO, AstroTech or similar)

RainBow Astro RST-135 Polar alignment part upgrade kit

RainBow Astro RST-135 Polar alignment part upgrade kit

Rainbow Astro RST-135 MNT000700


New orders include the new polar alignment upgrade.


This mount uses a strain wave gear instead of a worm gear.

Both Equatorial and Alt-Az are possible.

It can carry 30lbs without using counterweight. But its weight is only 7.3 lbs!!

See the bottom of the page for the recommended carbon fiber tripods on Amazon

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Price Range: $3,895 to $5,445

You don’t need counterweights anymore.

You will take your dream shot anywhere if you have RST-135.


    • Mount TypeEquatorial / Alt-Az Dual Mount

    • Type of GearStrain Wave Gear
    • Payload13.5kg (30lbs) - No need counterweight
    •  18kg (40lbs) – Use counterweight
    • Slew Speed6º / Second
    • Latitude Range0º to 90º
    • Power Input12 to 16V DC

    • Power Consumption0.2A - Tracking, 16V
    •  3A - Slewing, 16V
    • Weight3.3kg (7.3lbs)
    • Size(mm)130 x 120 x 190
    • MaterialsAL 6061, Steel, Brass

  • ASCOMSupport ASCOM Driver
  • Hand ControllerIncluded
  • Additional FunctionBuilt-in WiFi
  •  Built-in GPS Receiver
  •  Built-in Home Sensor


The RST-135 uses a new type of gear, strain wave gear. Due to the strong force of the strain wave gear and the motor, counterweight is not needed. The mount weights only 3.3kg, but you can use a 13.5kg telescope. We call this breakthrough mount a Weightless Mount. The volume and weight of the mount is no longer a problem in a trip for astrophotography.


  • Compact and light

    Mount weighs only 3.3kg. You do not need a separate bag for Mount. Just put it in your backpack.

  • Equatorial / Alt-Az dual Mount

    You can easily change to Equatorial mode and Alt-Azi mode. Show your family a star easily in Alt-Azi mode.

  • No need counterweight

    You do not need a counterweight to use a 13.5kg telescope.

  • Beauty of machined product

    Feel the beauty of machined product. All parts of RST-135 are made by machining solid block. The RST-135 is the perfect premium mount.

  • Strain wave gear

    It is a new type of gear which is widely used in industrial robots. There is no backlash.

  • Built-in WiFi

    This Mount has built-in WiFi. You can control and auto-guide the mount without cable.

  • Built-in GPS receiver

    Built-in GPS receiver eliminates the need to enter the location of the observer.

  • Built-in Home sensor

    Home sensor finds the mechanical origin by itself. This is useful for remote observation.

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