QHY Polemaster

PoleMaster - a high precision, easy to use electric polar scope

Price Range: $268 to $327

PoleMaster Specification

Field of View 11 degree * 8 degree

Resolution apporx 30arcsec

Install method Three M3 screw to mount adapter

Interface mini USB2.0

Software QHYCCD PoleMaster Software

Rough precision Approx 5 arcminute

High Precision Max 30arcsec

Weight 115G

Power Consumption Apporx 0.35Watt 70mA

Availiable Adapter EQ6/AZEQ6 HEQ5 iOptonCEM60 ZEQ25/CEM25 iEQ45 iEQ30 AZEQ5 Celestron AVX CGEM SX-4 TAK MESU SXP UNC EM200/EM11 EM400 EQ8 smart EQ AP-SM AP900 G11 MyT MX+

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