Paramount MYT Carrying Case Set

Paramount MYT Carrying Case Set



The Paramount MX Series 6 represents the latest in gear-driven GEM performance.

  • All new MKS 6000 provides built-in Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB C communication options and more.
  • Optional Power On and Observe™ absolute encoder technology. No homing, no periodic error.
  • High-amperage XT60 connectors can supply continuous 12V DC power up to 60A.
  • Improved Versa-Plate dovetail features drop-in telescope installation.
  • Larger bearings produce increased stability for payloads up to 120 pounds (54 kg).
  • Increased capacity: up to 125 lb. (57 kg) instrumentation, 250 lb. (113 kg) with counterweights.
  • Streamlined Instrument Panel provides pass through Ethernet connection and 3 XT60 power ports.
  • Red components are powder coated aluminum for fade-resistant durability, black components anodized aluminum.

Price Range: $10,995 to $16,995

Paramount MX  


Introducing the new MX Series 6 transportable observatory. 


The Paramount MX™ Series 6 represents the latest in gear-driven German equatorial mount performance.


Its new features include a 25% instrument capacity increase, an option for absolute digital encoders, and multiple connectivity options. See this video for a quick overview of what’s new with the Series 6 Paramounts. 


The Paramount MX continues to be a popular choice among advanced amateur and professional astronomers.


Hardware Specifications


  • 125 lb. (56 kg) instrument capacity; 250 lb. maximum payload capacity (instruments + counterweights)
  • All sky pointing accuracies at or below 30 arcseconds RMS (see Software Specifications below for details)
  • Unibody mount design weighs 35 lb. (16 kg) without counterweights or counterweight shaft
  • Maximum seven (7) arcseconds peak-to-peak periodic error before correction
  • After a one-time training, periodic error is 1 arcsecond, peak-to-peak or less
  • Optional 26-bit Renishaw encoders eliminate periodic error and the need for homing; operates in temps as low as –40° C
  • If you skip encoders now and later decide you want them, they can be retrofitted on Series 6 Paramounts
  • There’s been confusion about what encoders contribute to the Paramount’s performance; see FAQ below regarding whether encoders are right for you
  • Encoder cables located inside mount to prevent snags
  • All electronics and through-the-mount cables are housed inside the mount with ample room for additional cables
  • Advanced MKS 6000 telescope control system lets you connect via USB C, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
  • (MKS 6000 Upgrade Kits will be available for older Paramounts)
  • Three high-power XT60 ports on instrument panel
  • Redesigned Versa-Plate™ (included) accepts most telescopes and makes mounting them a breeze
  • 48V DC power supply and PC-to-mount USB and Ethernet cables included
  • 20 lb. (9 kg) counterweight included and can balance 25-30 lb. (9 kg). You may need to purchase more for heavier payloads.
  • Belt-driven gears with spring loaded worm gears produce virtually zero backlash
  • Durable and fade-resistant red powder coating and black anodized finish; components are aluminum
  • Clutch-free design helps maintain its TPoint™ assisted pointing accuracy
  • AutoHome™ homing capability ensures the mount always knows its orientation (after performing an initializing process called “homing” which usually takes a minute or less)
  • Calibrated azimuth and elevation polar alignment adjustments speed polar alignment


Software Specifications 


  • Paramount’s unsurpassed pointing and tracking wouldn’t be possible without its TPoint™ and ProTrack™ software. 
  • By employing TPoint’s calibration and telescope modeling tools, you’ll enjoy all sky pointing accuracies at or below 30 arcseconds RMS. Nothing outperforms that — and that’s without on-axis absolute encoders.
  • Operating in conjunction with TPoint™, ProTrack™ continuously updates the mount’s position across both axes to correct system-wide tracking errors including tube flexures, atmospheric refraction, polar misalignment, harmonic errors from mis-centered encoders and/or worm gears, and more.
  • On-axis absolute encoders alone cannot correct such errors which exist with all telescopes. A properly applied telescope model is necessary to achieve superior tracking.
  • Without those encoders, 5-to-10-minute unguided exposures are common with many enjoying up to 20 minutes [See attached:  Paramount GEM Series 6 features 20-minute exposure].
  • For more information about what encoders can and cannot do, please see the FAQ below.
  • All the included software is integrated into a single, easy-to-use, application consisting of TheSky™ Professional, TPoint™, Cameras+, Domes, Multi-OS+, and Weather modules. Enjoy the simplicity of controlling your cameras and astrophotography devices with one application.
  • It runs on Windows™, macOS™, and Linux.
  • Regardless of the operating system you run it on, it appears and operates identically. You can even switch between operating systems and its license allows up to six computers. Why paint yourself or your institution into a corner?
  • Absent ProTrack™ which is unique to Paramounts, the included software is sold separately as TheSky™ Universal bundle and represents a $1,095 value.


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