Optec Alnitak Flat-Man L Large Flat Fielder 19058

Optec Alnitak Flat-Man L Large Flat Fielder 19058

Optec-DSI 3.5x24tpi Threaded Adapters and Extensions

Optec-DSI 3.5x24tpi Threaded Adapters and Extensions

Optec TCF-Leo Low Profile Focuser 19740

Optec engineers have developed a new, low profile, yet extremely robust 3-inch focuser for telescope installations where back-focus is at a premium. With the width of a typical 1-1/4" eyepiece, the TCF-Leo provides a unique focusing solution for the Celestron EdgeHD and other telescopes with limited flange-to-focus distances. The proven FocusLynx control system is included with every TCF-Leo and can be expanded to provide control for a second focuser. The FocusLynx system includes optional 802.11 WiFi and Hand Control accessories.

Price Range: $1,495 to $2,490

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With standard Optec interfaces on both telescope and camera sides, nearly any telescope imaging system can be configured. Specify any of our OPTEC-3600 telescope mounts or contact Precise Parts for a custom adapter to fit any telescope.

As a full 3-inch focuser, the TCF-Leo drawtube accepts any of our OPTEC-3000 adapters developed for the TCF-S3 and TCF-Lynx3 heavy duty focusers. The optional Precision Centering Adapter allows any large 2-inch diagonal or eyepiece to be added behind the focuser. Visual users will appreciate the FocusLynx Hand Controller with fine-focus rotary knob for no-touch operation of the telescope focus. A special discounted price for the FocusLynx Hand Controller is available at purchase

Package includes:

TCF-Leo Low Profile Focuser,

FocusLynx Control Hub,

Optec USB/Serial communications cable,

6-ft. length, CAT-5e/CAT-6 Ethernet cable, 6-ft. length,

12VDC 1.25A power supply -

110-240VAC input, UL/CSA compliant wall plug cord

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