1100GTO German Equatorial Mount

1100GTO German Equatorial Mount

Mach2GTO German Equatorial Mount


Mach2GTO Universal Robotic mount that sets a new standard for portable telescope mounts. It is so easy to use that you will be up and running in no time at all and the mount will simply disappear into the background. No fuss, no bother.

Universal Robotic means that Mach2 fulfills all of the requirements of a robotic mount for automated operation for imaging, satellite tracking, comet tracking, star survey work and others. In addition, the clutches allow it to be used manually for star sweeping. It is so easy to use that it can be set up quickly in the field with minimal effort and no complicated startup routines. The encoders keep track of the axis positions at all times whether parked, unparked, power on or power off.

AP will begin shipping new production run in July and throughout the summer and early Fall. Once you place your order, we will charge your card 50% of the total as a deposit and invoice you later for the remaining balance once your mount is ready to ship.

Price Range: $11,190 to $13,590


  • Polar Align, Power Up and Go!
  • Renishaw Absolute Encoder for the ultimate in precise tracking - no SDE or random errors above 1/4 arc sec
  • Absolute encoder provides near zero tracking error and resists outside influences such as wind and cable drag
  • Precision balancing via the clutches without taking the worm gears out of mesh
  • Brushless Micro-step Servo System for precise and whisper-quiet slewing and tracking

  • Custom tracking rates in both axes (for asteroids, comets, satellites)
  • Auto-Adjusting gear mesh
  • Image all night without meridian flip, as long as your scope clears
  • Daytime polar alignment is now simplified since we have encoders to set the positions
  • Precision azimuth adjuster with rotating base

  • Built-in bubble level & compass
  • Right-angle polar alignment scope (optional) 
  • Through-mount cabling (optional)
  • Modeling in Keypad & GTOCP5
  • Fully supported enhanced ASCOM driver 

  • Portable – under 40 lbs
  • Operate with 12V battery or up to 24V power supply
  • Ideal for 6-7” refractors, 8-12” SCTs and Maks

Mechanical Specifications

Construction All parts CNC machined aluminum, stainless steel, brass bar stock; finest quality bearings; stainless steel fasteners
Finishing and Assembly Every part is hand-finished and inspected. All assembly is done by hand, by highly skilled mount assembly staff.
Worm wheel - R.A./Dec. 5.9" (150 mm), 225 tooth aluminum
Worm gear - R.A./Dec. 0.705" (17.9 mm) diameter, brass
Axis shaft - R.A./Dec. 1.77" (45 mm) diameter
Latitude range 0 to 67 degrees, engraved scale
Azimuth adjustment Approximately 13 degrees (+/- 6.5 degrees from center)
Counterweight shaft 1.875” (47.6 mm) diameter x 13.625" (346 mm) usable length, incl. washer and safety knob. Weight 10.7 lb. (4.8 kg)
Diameter of base 5.800" (147.32 mm) diameter
Weight of mount Total: 39 lb. (17.7 kg)
Capacity Approximately 75 lb. (34 kg) scope and accessories only (maximum capacity depends on scope diameter). Refer to the graphic that discusses weight capacity calculation.


GTO Servo Drive Specifications

Electronic components Rated for industrial and automotive applications
Motors Brushless micro-step servo system, enclosed in machined aluminum housing
Absolute Encoders R.A. and Declination axes
Periodic error (native) 0.25” arc seconds peak-to-peak, 0.05 RMS
Servo Motor Control Box GTOCP5 Control Box, removable
Hand-held computer (optional) GTO Keypad to control all mount functions. Includes extensive databases and tour features in a simple, intuitive interface. Firmware updates via the internet
Power requirements Nominal 12 to 24 volt DC supply, minimum of 5 amps continuous
Maximum slew speed

5 degrees / second at 12V
7.5 degrees / second a 24V

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