Almost a disaster with a happy ending

I have been a Bisque dealer for a few years now and it has been a huge success. I use Paramounts and and provide after hours tech support for my customers. For the last year we started offering onsite installations as an option. Sometimes it pays to have an experienced staff on site especially if the installation is at a remote site. Things come up and time is valuable. 
Our last trip was a big one. 3 large telescopes in one trip. 2 17" Planewaves on MEs and a 17" AG Optical on a MEII with OAEs were supposed to go up in DeepSkyWest remote observatories. One of the CDK17s belonged to Dr Sabo of Montana. I arrived at ABQ airport at 10AM local time. I called the observatory just to see everything was in order. I could tell from the ground personel's voice that something was wrong. I said what happend? There was silence. The mount was damaged. I hung up the phone and on the way up the mountain started making phone calls to see what the options were. I talked to Leah and she informed me that an MEII was available. When I got to the site I presented the options. We can send the ME for repair and install at another time or we can get a new mount here tomorrow. Tomorrow? Yes tomorrow. After a few minutes of thinking Dr Sabo said I always wanted to upgrade the mount anyway so let's get a new one. 
I called Leah back and begged. Please please please and pretty please could you make this happen. I have to give the Bisque crew a huge thank you. They pulled it off. They boxed up a new mount and was able to ship it to NM next day air. If they had said it wasn't possible I was prepared to drive up to Denver and pick it up myself. The next morning the mount showed up. I quickly assembled the system, installed the software, did a quick test, checked gears and we were doing polar alignment followed by a 100 point model with 5" RMS that night. Guiding? What is that?
Dr Sabo does photometry. He was doing measurements the same night. I can honestly say I saw the happiness in his eyes. It is these stories that gets me going everyday. There is not enough money in the world that can buy that smile. 
Picture On the left Tolga of TolgaAstro, in the middle Dr Sabo, on the right Bruce Wright (one of the owners of DSW)